We are a licensed contractor License № 821997 and have both Workers Comp and General Liability insurance. We are a cost-efficient alternative to renting a dumpster and have over 25 years of experience cleaning up properties throughout San Diego County for countless homeowners and renters.

Some of the things we haul include:

★ Old Furniture (Sofas, Chairs, Tables, Dressers, Beds, etc.)
★ Appliances (Refrigerators, Stoves, Washing Machines, etc.)
★ Box Springs & Mattresses
★ Yard Waste/ Brush
★ Jacuzzis
★ Lumber/ Wood
★ Miscellaneous Trash, Garbage, Junk and Debris (Old Clothes, Bicycles, Paper, etc.)*
★ TVs, Printers, Monitors, Computers, etc.**
★ Miscellaneous Trash (Paper, Cardboard, Packaging, etc.)
★ Dirt and Rock
★ Concrete and Asphalt
★ Construction Debris (Flooring, Drywall, Stucco, Tile, Plaster, etc.)
★ Brick and Cement
★ Scrap Metal

Services we perform include:

★ Yard Clean-Ups
★ Garage Clean-Ups
★ Carpet, Tack-Strip and Pad Removal (We also remove Tile and Linoleum)
★ Bathroom and Kitchen Demos
★ Interior Wall Demos
★ Patio & Deck Teardowns
★ Bonus Room Teardowns

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We are often cheaper than renting a dumpster and we do the work!

*We do NOT haul hazardous or toxic materials (such as paint, pesticides, herbicides, motor oil, etc). For more info on how to properly dispose of your unwanted household hazardous waste please contact San Diego Enviromental Services.

**We recycle all e-waste.

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